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Yea, I have a new journal now. The hime_panic one has too much personal emo shit, and I no longer think that an online blog is the place for it. The new one will have rants, fangirling, picspams, and all sorts of fun stuff. I feel alot more comfortable adding people on it and I don't think anyone will really notice since i barely changed the name and kept most of the icons.

Bakmonogatari Pic Spam

so can i just say
i have a certain fascination for senjougahara hitagi
koyokun is so lucky to have her

TagitagichanCollapse )

while i'm mentioning koyokun, i think he deserves some recognition

KoyokunCollapse )

have i mentioned kanbaru's AMAZING eyes?

i show youCollapse )

i will most likely do another picspam for bakemonogatari in the near future

[Edit] omg i forgot to show koyokun's idiot hair in any of these

take a lookCollapse )

Aug. 2nd, 2008

okay so i used to loovvvee this Swedish girl named Camilla, who frequently dresses in lolita fashion with her friend Anna
moonnnths ago tho, she changed her whole lj to friends only, and was in the process of moving to Japan
so my stalking sadly ended
they're both very popular, I'm sure I could've found a way to continue, but you see, I have a life to live
time goes on and yesterday while searching for lolita pictures for a glog i decide to search for pics of them
and it turns out that now Camilla is a model in Tokyo that gets frequent jobs
some pics of her:

She's so beautiful...Collapse )

i wish i could pull off lolita..


kay so there are these two girls at guard
and i am so fucking tired of their shit
pathetic work ethic and negative attitude is the shortest way to describe it
i have talked to them, nicely and not so nicely, and so have...people in a higher position than me i guess (instructors, captains, etc)
but its not enough
and i am NOT letting them make our guard shit
because we are only as strong as our weakest link
we ARE getting first place in every comp possible
they are NOT gonna fucking ruin it for me
believe me, by the end of band camp, i AM gonna set those bitches straight


Hope it isn't too late
To say "I love you"
I hope it isn't too late to say
That without you this place looks like London
It rains every day
Don't you know it, babe
I'm only half a body
Without your embrace
--Shakira//Your Embrace

Running through the monsoon
Beyond the world,
To the end of time,
Where the rain won't hurt
Fighting the storm,
Into the blue,
And when I loose myself I think of you,
Together we'll be running somewhere new
Through the monsoon.
Just me and you
--Tokio Hotel//Monsoon

Throw it away
Forget yesterday
We'll make the great escape
We won't hear a word they say
They don't know us anyway
Watch it burn
Let it die
Cause we are finally free tonight
--Boys Like Girls//The Great Escape

i'm hopelessly in love with love
i want more of it in the world
i want to go up to every child born
and show them love
i want all the hate to go away

Friends Only

yesh, I'm officially deeming this journal friends only.

>> I'm generally a pretty nice person, and would gladly add anyone who I share at least some interests with and who actually bothers to comment once in a while.

>> Speaking of comments, saying you want me to add you back is a nice thing. :3

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